Usiscript Schema

Usiscript is a tool that allow you to create a shell (or Python) script, and this online.

    Before the creation, you can :
  • Use a blank page : Top menu -> New script
  • Use a template : Top menu -> Templates (Classic)
  • Take some "built-in" blocks and slide it to your futur script, on the right : Top menu -> Templates (In-lines)

    After creation, you can :
  • Copy/past the unique script url and send it to a friend.
  • Manage who can see it (private group or public).
  • See/Rollback an old version.
  • See the last user name and modification date.
  • Download the script.

See an example of Usiscript usage

See an example of Usiscript usage
Genesis of the website UsiScript
Example of usage in video
Help about the light version of Usiscript (to use it in command line)